10 Natural Flower Fertilizers in a Pot

natural flowers fertlizers

Are you aware that treating flowers grown in a pot varies with how you treat those grown in gardens? Well, we would love to see these flowers flourish and become healthier. For flowers in a pot, constant feeding is essential. To make that possible, they require more than just soil, water, and sunlight; they will need the macro and micronutrients in plant food. Commercial fertilizers have these nutrients already in the right proportions and you can get the best organic lawn fertilizer very cheap these days. However, did you know that it is possible to prepare natural flower fertilizers homemade? Let’s look at some of the organic flower fertilizers in a pot.

1. Used Coffee Grounds

Have you ever known that those used coffee grounds you dispose of every day after coffee can be useful for your flowers? They contain flower nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphoric acid, which can be helpful for acidic flowers. They also absorb heavy metals that might contaminate your soil. Now you can stop seeing them as waste and start making fair use of them for your flowers.

2. Banana Peel Flower Fertilizers

Are you thinking of disposing of those banana peels after eating the banana? Please don’t do it! Those are potassium nutrients that are useful for your flower to flourish. Just bury it inside the flower pot with the seedling. You might as well soak it in water for some days and then use it to spray your flowers. Flower fertilizer should not be such a big deal to acquire when you can do it yourself from home.

3. Eggshells

4. Molasses

If you have horses or know a place to find some horse feeds that you can provide both your horses and flowers at a go. Molasses is a superb plant food used to improve your soil composition. It increases the amount of those useful bacteria necessary for soil aeration. Powder the soil layer with molasses and experience the magic that it does for your seedlings. You can also obtain it from compost tea by combining three tablespoons of biotic molasses to a liter of water to get a perfect solution to have your flower fertilizer homemade.

5. Wood Ash

Wood ash is a flower fertilizer organic obtained out of burnt hardwood. It contains potassium and calcium carbonate. This dressing is not advisable for acidic flowers since it’s alkaline. So, if you aim to prolong certain acidic levels in your flower pot, you better stay away from this plant food.

6. Manure Tea

Animal droppings have always been used and still considered one of the best organic fertilizers by farmers. If you are rearing domestic animals, then lucky you. If you not, then you should reconsider borrowing some from your neighbor. Preparing compost tea is done by mixing the manure with some water and then preserving it for 7 days. Once it’s ready, you thin again by adding an equal amount of water before using it. Manure tea is a natural flower fertilizer with lots of beneficial nutrients.

7. Aquarium Water

Your flowers will need to be watered so that they don’t wither. If you have an aquarium in the house, then you can kill 2 birds with one stone. This is possible because your flowers will not only get water from the aquarium but also plant food. Fish wastes are good flower fertilizer for pots, but this is advisable only when the aquarium water is freshwater and not salty.

8. Epsom Salt

Once in a while, you can diffuse 1 tablespoon of Epsom salt with a liter of water and use it for your flowers. This is a quick fix flower fertilizer for vegetables, of which you can be sure to get great results from. Once in a month, feed your flowers with some Magnesium and Sulphur nutrients at an affordable cost. For effectiveness, you should apply it directly to the leaves.

9. Gelatin

If you’ve never participated in any DIY activities, this is your chance to avoid missing out. Obtaining flower fertilizer nutrients from Gelatin is simple, 1 package of gelatin to 1 cup of hot water and 3 cups of cold water, then you’re good to go. You pour it straight to the soil and on all sides of the plant for some nitrogen nutrients.

10. Matches

Did you know that you can use match sticks as plant food? Yes, match sticks, and they are highly nutritious in magnesium. What you do is simple: bury the matches in the same hole with the flower’s seed. You can immerse the match sticks in water, causing the magnesium to diffuse; this makes it even easier to apply as you will pour the solution in the soil.

We bet you never thought of matches as a natural flower fertilizer, now you know!


Natural flower fertilizers are useful to your plants and keep and consume some of those plants such as tomatoes. They are mostly preferred because they are harmless to the soil and soil bacteria; they are non-toxic even to humans and can make them home. You don’t have to worry about the flower fertilizer color or further expense with most of them since you will recycle some of the materials you once considered as waste.

Have you ever tried any of these natural flower fertilizers in a pot? Well, here is your chance to carry out some DIY activities for your flowers.

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