2018 Black Sustainability Summit in Atlanta, Georgia

“The 3rd Annual Black Sustainabilty will have in person and online classes to learn what you need to know about self suffiencient living from the Black perspective. Come network with like minded individuals from October 4-6th 2018”


Hope this post finds you well. If you are in the Atlanta Georgia area, I recently was made aware of the Black Sustainability Summit. This will be their 3rd annual event, but this is the first time having an in-person component. This event will features classes and sessions that will cover sutainable home building, argricultural/food system development, family governemance, cooperatives and holistic health/nutrtition. The online portion of the event will feature video presentations on: 

– Sustainable Food Production

-Alternative Energy

– Eco-Friendly Building Practices 

– Community Development

– Traditional Afrikan Languages

– Water Purification and Irrigation 

-Food Preservation 

– Survival/ Preparedness/ Protection

I think this is amazing, and a great experience for Black Homesteaders who want a “safe space” so to speak to learn abotu these things, as well as connect with other like minded Black people who are looking to live a sustainable lifestyle. 


How to Go o the Black Sustainability Conference

It’s coming in October from the 4th to the 8th, and the cost is $75 for general registration which includes 2 workshops. You can choose to go to more workshops, and they will send you pricing. I signed up and found some classes I would love to attend are: Container homes 101, designing growing spaces, and herbal tincture preparation. 

So, try to get there if you can this year. I think it’s a great idea, and I hope they are able to do more for people who are interested. 

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