5 Non-Toxic Cookware Options To Avoid Harsh Chemicals


“Non-toxic cookware options to avoid harsh chemicals that can be subsequently transferred to your food and your body”

Peace Fam,

In my job, I have to find healthy articles to post on social media. I was combing through google news and noticed this headline, “Chemicals in Nonstick Pans Could be Causing Weight Gain, Study Says.” I had to click this to make sure it wasn’t clickbait. According to their article, researchers from Harvard University published a study that posited that PFOAS or perfluoroalkyl substances, the chemicals that are found in things like our nonstick pans, and food packaging can be a factor in the obesity epidemic we have in the United States. They go on to say that there was not a direct link, only that people who were obese, tended to have higher levels of this chemical present in their bodies.

Now, this was new for me. I had heard about the dangers of nonstick cookware before. Dr. Axe has an in-depth article going through all the dangers. These products have a link to cancer development, infertility, and liver damage and more. Knowing all of this plus now it can be linked to weight gain, I probably need to continue to find products without these chemicals.

5 Non-Toxic Cookware Options To Avoid Harsh Chemicals

1. Cast Iron Skillet-

We grew up with cast iron skillets in the house. These are definitely free of any of the harsh chemicals found in non stick pans like PFOAs and PFTE. It takes a little bit to get used to, but cooking on a low setting with oil should help you out a bit. They can go for about $80 for a set of two. You can buy them here.

2. Greenlife

Greenlife is another option. According to their website, these are made with a chemical called Thermolon, which is similar to Teflon, however, this chemical doesn’t release harmful chemicals. It is also toxin-free. You can click here to buy.

3. Ozeri Green Earth-

This brand is made from PFOA free from a German brand. They are scratch resistant with silicone handles. They also have a lower price point. Here is the link to buy.

4. Cuisinart Green

This cookware is free of chemicals and uses recycled materials where they can ( they say in the packaging and the steel handles if you were curious).
Click here to buy.

5. Scanpan

This brand is also free of harmful chemicals, and made with recycled aluminium!
Click here to buy.

In conclusion, I have to say it is really sad that so many of our daily products have harmful chemicals in them. Exposing yourself to them as little as possible should be a goal to help avoid these effects. Stainless steel cookware is a great alternative, as well as several other brands that we working to make a change. I hope this list was helpful so you can avoid the toxins in your cookware.

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