6 Ways To Detox From the Internet

6 Ways to Detox From the Internet

If you are like me, you are on the computer for most of your day. I work in digital marketing so I have to be. Being on the computer all day has affected me greatly. I have started to wear glasses, and I have gotten terrible migraines in the last few years. Being on the internet doesn’t always mean being near a screen either, I am on my iPad my phone, a lot of the time. I feel I need my phone to stay connected, however, I am now taking steps to detox from the internet.  I turn off my phone during the day, when I sleep. I took off addictive apps like Facebook, and Twitter, and even Instagram, so I have to plan my posts. It’s been tough, but I am grateful to the results.


  1. Read A Book– Read an actual book with pages. Reading is so calming for me. I have loved reading since I was a little girl reading The Berenstain Bears
  2. Go for a walk- Walking is so relaxing for me, and a great way to detox from staring at a screen.
  3. Meditate-  I cannot stress how great meditation is to help me clear my mind and ground myself back to the planet.
  4. Learn to play some music- I grew up learning to play piano and flute. I recently purchased a keyboard and some headphones to not bother my neighbours and I love getting back into learning music. It is so relaxing for me and I am not on my phone.
  5. Go SEE your friends- On social media, it seems I have friends for days, but I have to admit, after leaving my home state, going to another country, and returning to a new state, my friendship group is much smaller. I personally prefer it to be that way. While it may be hard to hang out with all of my friends being that they could be in LA, Berlin, or Thailand (in some cases), it is so important for people to get out and actually hang out with your friends.
  6. Go watch the sunrise or sunset- I am a fire sign and a Leo. I love the sun. I am drawn to it. Here on the eastern side of the United States, sunsets are not nearly as gorgeous as the ones I used to see in the West, but I do enjoy getting up and watching the sunrise. It is a calming experience for me.

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What are some ways that you detox from the internet?


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