African Goddess Coloring Book

Over 10 Goddesses To Color With Origin Stories…



 This is my African Goddess Coloring Book! I love to color and I was searching on amazon one day, and noticed there weren’t any that were specifically talking about this topic.  I am glad I have been able to create this African Goddess Coloring Book that is on sale now. Each goddess has an explanation of the origin story of each goddess, and where I could find colors, I have added the recommended colors of each goddess. 

Coloring books at aren’t for kids anymore. I see many adults coloring, and there is definitely an interest. Coloring can help with relaxation, decompressing from a long day, and can stimulate your inner child. It’s a great way to kind of mentally check out, while you focus on things to color. I find it to be rather calming


Goddesses Featured


Mbabe Mwana Waresa


Asase Yaa & more

"My daughter LOVES this coloring book. She's happy to see names that she recognizes. "
Dr. Mom
Amazon Reviewer
"Next to the definition of the word urbane, cosmopolitan, should be a picture of an African Goddess. Since it has not been done Mrs.Butler has created an excellent alternative, the African Goddess Coloring Book. The format of the book is a paragon of inspiring words coupled with unique drawings. The description provided on the pages with inspire you to color and connect with each goddess. Aset is my favorite goddess because it is the Egyptian name of my oldest daughter."
The Kwanzaa Coloring Book
Amazon Reviewer

Grab this coloring book for children and adults.