Holiday Gifts For Homesteaders


The holidays are coming, and I know I am always wondering what to make or purchase or do for the people in my life. Shopping for people can be stressful, especially for homesteaders. You may feel that your homesteader friend or family member does not need much, because they make everything themselves, but there are many cost-effective gifts out there. 

These homesteader gift ideas are sure to please the homesteader in your life. They will definitely appreciate you helping them with their journey!

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#1 Portable Generator

For emergency situaions, a portable generator is a great gift to give to your homesteader friend or family member. This is also just great to have on hand for yourself just in case you find yourself without power for some time. 

gifts for homesteaders

#2 Fermenting Kit

Fermenting foods can help extend your garden harvests, so this is perfect for a homesteader enthusiast, or just a great gift for new food ideas at home. 

gifts for homesteaders

#3 Egg Baskets

For the homesteader with chickens, this a great gift to give to help them collect their eggs. They are super cute.

#4 Chopping Axe

A chopping axe is great to chop up wood or any material you need. It’s definitely a must have item for the homesteader.

#5 Meat Slicer

For the meat eaters, this is a great idea. Pre sliced meat is so bad for you. Processed meat has been linked to cancer. ( source) For those who have their own livestock or acess to fresh meat, you can slice your meat up yourself.

#6 Meat Grinder

Another one for the meat eaters. Again processed meat is bad for you, so grind your own meats with this neat gadget.

#7 Compost Barrel

Composting is super helpful for your garden, and a great way to reuse your kitchen scraps. This is great for the homesteader. It’s compact, but easy so you can turn your compost without getting your hands too dirty. 

#8 Saw

For anyone who needs to cut wood, this is a great gift. Your homesteader will appreciate it too!

#9 Solar Panels

If you want to splurge, try buying some solar panels for the homesteader in your life. They are a great way to generate power and save money on your electric bill. 

gifts for homesteaders

#10 Food Dehydrator

In addition to fermentation, perhaps a food dehydrator would be a great gift. 

#11 Canning Kit

Saving harvests are important to homesteader. Learning to can is essential. Pick up this canning kit for the homesteader in your life. 

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gifts for homesteaders

#12 Rain Collection Barrel

Collecting rain water can be an excellent way to save water for your plants. This barrel would be perfect for anyone interested in saving some water. 

gifts for homesteaders

#13 Garden Tools Set

This is a great gift for homesteaders, and those who love to garden. This kit features all the basic tools you need. 

gifts for homesteaders

#14 Berkey Water Filter

Fresh water is important. This popular Berkey filter is perfect for people looking for a long term solution to save plastic and to get clean water into their home. 

gifts for homesteaders

#15 Greenhouse Kit

When you need to get some seeds started, a greenhouse kit is perfect. Also great to guard against the elements. 

gifts for homesteaders

#16 Vertical Garden Bed

For those short on space, this is a great way to grow some veggies and plants in a small space. 

gifts for homesteaders

#17 Cast Iron Pan

If you love to cook, and want to cut down on the harmful  chemicals found in some cookware, try getting a cast iron pan. 

gifts for homesteader

#18 Shed Plans

Homesteaders are known to do things for themselves. These shed plans will be a great gift so they can put their own shed together. From my shed plans. 

gifts for homesteaders

#19 Chicken Coop Plans

For those interested in building their own chicken coops, this is a great gift. This features tons of easy to follow plans that even the beginner can handle. 

gifts for homesteaders

#20 Fruit Tree

Lastly, buy an actual plant. I am always buying plants, and I think they are great gifts to help people start their own gardens. 

gifts for homesteaders

These gifts ideas for homesteaders are sure to be thoughtful. We hope this guide will point you in the right direction to get your holiday shopping done. 

gifts for homesteaders

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