Interview With A Homesteader – Part 2


Hope this post finds you well. Following up the our last post, I found some more interviews from real Black homesteaders. I have to admit that it is so refreshing meeting people who are interested in homesteading. I have learned so much, and I am super optimistic to find more. I hope these interview inspire you to start homesteading soon! 

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What Kind of Homesteader Are You?

Rural homesteader

We currently live in a suburban home outside Atlanta and we own a 15 acre rural property we are developing. We will be moving onto the rural property within the next six months.

How Did You Get Into Homesteading?

Always wanted to get back into my childhood roots of us having our own animals,and garden. That's how I got into it

 I was born and raised in Harlem, NYC where there is no grass, trees or pasture. Once I left NYC for college, I never looked back. I have been in public health for 20 years and began growing food about 5 years ago. During my graduate study at Columbia University I was focused on health disparities among African Americans. As a Professor of Agricultural Epidemiology at Fort Valley State University, I am interested in how growing your own food and improve the health of the family. I became certified in Permaculture with Geoff Lawson 3 years ago while pursuing my herbalism studies

How Did You Acquire Your Land? (if applicable)

Bought a foreclosure property with almost 3 acre of land

I owned a health consulting firm for ten years and decided I wanted to invest for my family and future generations. I found my property in a small Black college town in Middle Georgia and paid cash from my business profits.

Do You Make Money From Your Homestead?

Not yet,but I do welding on land so far

We are planning to open a fresh produce market here in Fort Valley GA. At this time there is only one small grocery store serving the entire town.

What Skills Do You Think One Should Focus On When Considering to Start A Homestead?

Decision making is the one skill one has to master before they get into homesteading

Growing soil, rain water harvesting, gardening and raising chickens.

Any Advice For Potential Homesteaders?

It doesn't matter how much land or house you get,as long as you can make something out of it,is all that matters

Start small and grow from there. We want to do everything but there is a steep learning curve and it takes time.

Thank you both for answering these questions for me and my readers. I think H. Sharif-Harris has a great idea to start a grocery store in Fort Valley Georgia. I am sure that will be a huge development to that town. If you are interested in writing on any topics of homesteading, please contact me at 1blackhomesteader@gmail.com

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  1. Hamidah Sharif-Harris

    Awesome article. It was a pleasure to be a part of this.

    1. Black Homesteader

      Thank you. Your story is amazing!

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