Low-Cost Alternatives to Plastic Bags

“Finding alternatives to plastic bags in your everyday life is an important step in your zero waste journey. Go green with these ways to replace plastics in your daily life.”

Peace Fam! Hope this post finds you well. Plastic pollution is a real problem on this planet. According to Environmental Health News, “The amount of plastic manufactured in the first ten years of this century eclipses the total produced in the entire last century.” (Source)

The Problems with Plastic Consumption

That is a lot of plastic! Not only does it take a long time for plastics to breakdown, if ever, the chemicals that are in plastics can be absorbed into the body, and can cause harmful effects to the body. (Source).  Plastics have also been linked to rises in obesity and diabetes. (Source)  Plastic-hardener Bisphenol A, or BPA, which is an endocrine disruptors that can alter human hormones, including the stimulation of appetite and fat storage and regulation of sugar. BPA has also has been linked to infertility. (Source) To help save the planet, and avoid some of the most harmful effects of excessive plastic usage, it is important to incorporate eco-friendly alternatives to plastic usage whenever possible.

Alternatives to Plastic Grocery Bags

Being from the State of California, I have grown use to using canvas bags for my grocery bags, otherwise, I will have to pay to use plastics. This should be an easy alternative, because most people have a few already at home. You can purchase them as well. I noticed now that I live in Georgia, that stores like Aldi, which I am very familiar with from living in Germany, is here, and promotes the use of your own bags, or you have to pay for them.

Alternatives to Produce Bags

In my case, I just use small canvas bags for produce, but you can also get reusable bags made expressly for this purpose. I love these mesh bags, plus this really cuts down on the amount of plastic you use to bag your veggies and smaller items from the grocery store.

Food Storage

In addition to the store, when you get home you have to make sure to store your food in non-plastic containers as well. I typically reuse a lot of the glass I get for other items I have purchased along the way, but you can use several things-
  • Mason jars
  • Steel latched containers
  • Steel water bottles
  • Glass containers
I personally love the steel latched containers. I have been using mine a lot lately, and I love it. Making the switch from plastic is difficult, but it does not have to be expensive. Once you have what you need, it’s easy to clean and use again. Just stay the course, and remember the harmful chemicals, and damage to the environment that plastics have and that should keep you motivated! Recommended Products

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