Tips for Planning Vegan Wedding 2019

vegan wedding

All people are different, and so they are beautiful. If the future newlyweds are vegetarians, then most likely they will plan the wedding according to their beliefs. A vegetarian wedding can be an interesting and memorable event in the life of everyone who attended it. Vegan wedding menu would be tasty, non-typical and interesting for every guest. Without doubts, everybody would be attracted by such an original decision.

Wedding Planning

So, the decision was made to hold a vegetarian wedding. Where to start and how to prepare guests for the upcoming holiday? What to mark on wedding invites?

All weddings start with invitation cards. In invitations it is better to reflect the direction of the wedding, and write about the wishes of the newlyweds to the guests. Vegetarian wedding entrée shouldn’t be a surprise for the guests, so inform them about the specific of your menu.

It can be a dress code – clothes created without harming nature. In the design of invitations, you can use flowers, birds, plants – this will create a positive atmosphere among guests. Choose a place where the celebration will take place beforehand. If the wedding is planned in a restaurant, it is important to notify the administration on time. Also arrange with the chef about the menu. If the restaurant offers a vegetarian menu – excellent, but even then you may share some wedding entrees ideas! If a restaurant hasn’t such menu, discuss with its staff backyard wedding food ideas. It is advisable to know the suppliers of the products to avoid unpleasant surprises during the wedding day.

It is worth considering that not all drinks are suitable for a vegetarian menu. Therefore, an alcoholic table and soft drinks should be planned and purchased in advance.

There is an opinion that a vegetarian wedding is a way of saving money, but be ready to spend at least a half of the planned budget for the dishes.

Outfits for the Bridge and Bridegroom

The gowns should emphasize the chosen style. One of the most charming thematically gowns will be vegan lace wedding dress with elegant embossing.

In the case of a vegetarian wedding, this is a rejection of silk.

The bride’s dress can be also made of cotton, linen, with lace and fabric embossing. White color is diluted with elements of green shades. Vegan wedding dresses should be in harmony with nature.  Such images are similar to the “Eco” style, which can be used in decorating a hall.

The groom can wear trousers and a shirt. Many vegetarians refuse not only silk, but also wool. Leatherette or fabric shoes are suitable. Despite the dress limitations, the bride and bridegroom are a harmonious couple, their images support the chosen lifestyle and give joy while looking at them.

Minimalist Menu

However, vegetarians with great experience will be able to convince even skeptics that food without meat can be both tasty and healthy.

Cold snacks. Vegetable salads with the addition of sauces and spices will create a mood before the upcoming main dishes. Salads with the addition of avocado and tofu turn out to be nutritious and tasty. Couscous with vegetables can be served as a cold or hot appetizer. An Indian vegetable curry with coconut milk can be served as a hot dish. Pumpkin slices, baked with garlic and served with a garnish of chickpeas in tomato sauce – a hearty and healthy dish. A sweet wedding table can be made without gelatin and without eggs. Powdered sugar and berries will decorate the wedding table.

vegan wedding

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