12 Must-Have Powerless Appliances For the Off-Grid Homesteader


If you are an off the grid homesteader, or just looking to find powerless kitchen appliances to help save money on your electricity bill, you might be wondering what you need to have the basics to cook. Being able to cook food when the power goes out can be a great skill to learn in a disaster situation too, you always want to be prepared for the worse. 

We compiled a list of appliances to help you make your own food at home when you don’t have any power. 


This wind-up kitchen timer is essential for cooking when you may not have access to things with clocks on them. I grew up with one of these, so I am certainly familiar with it. 

Personally, we don’t make coffee at home since neither of us drink it, but if you do drink coffee, consider a coffee percolator to have on hand for a fresh cup. You can use this at home, or when you are camping. 

This is a hand crank flour mill. You can make your own flour out of oats, or almonds, or wheat. 

Hand coffee grinders are great if you love a fresh cup of coffee. This can help grind down your beans just as well as the electronic version.

A hand mixer is a must have for those who love to bake. I love this one with a crank so you can save your wrists, but there are several other powerless hand mixers on the market.

Recently seeing some folks on the internet who were unable to use a manual can opener made me sad, so make sure you learn to use this one. 

If you have milk cows, or goats, this butter churn will help you make your own butter at home. This is a great investment for fresh butter. 

8. Water Filter

Access to fresh water is important, and buying tons of water bottles is bad for the planet, and can be expensive. Investing in a water filter is important to have clean water readily available in your home.

9. Meat Grinder

If you consume animal meats you can use this manual meat grinder to create ground meats amongst others. 

10. Mortar & Pestle

I keep this around to grind dried herbs into fine powders. This is an amazing tool, even if you are not making powder, you can still use to grind down herbs for seasonings. 

11. Solar Oven

Solar ovens are not a replacement for a stove, but can be great for camping or a short term solution for when your power is down. 

12. Dutch Oven

Dutch ovens are great if you are cooking over an open flame. This is great to make stews, soups, chilis, and pieces of large meat. 

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