9 Resources To Find Cheap Land In Georgia


Are you looking to find cheap land in Georgia? Buying land can seem like a daunting task ( I have not purchased a lot yet, and I am learning a ton) but I wanted to find some websites to point you in the right direction if you are looking for land in Georgia. 

Land here can be affordable, at least to a California girl like me. The average price of land in Georgia is just over 330k, according to Land Watch. It is also the 8th most populous State. Most people live in Atlanta, however, and the rest of the State seems rather rural in my experience. However, if you looking for land here, I found a few resources to help you along your search. 

Land Watch

Land Watch is a popular site with land listings from all over the country. You can search by county and price and find the real estate agent who handles the property. They also feature auctions to find really great deals on land. 


Normally one would use Zillow for apartments, but they do also feature land listings. They are not as extensive as a site like Land Watch, but perhaps you can find a deal on here too. I would not rule it out. 

Farm Flip

Farm flip also has extensive listings, but the Founder started in Georgia. Not only can you find land, but they have farm & commercial listings

Land Hub

Land hub also features plots from around the country, but most of their listings are in Georgia. You can search by county and by price. 

Land Century

Land century is another national website that features wholesale vacant land and cheap house listings.

Land And Farm

Land farm specializes in rural land sales for those who could be looking for more isolation. They do have auction listings as well. 

Appalachian Realty

This website features land only in North Georgia, so if you want to live in the mountains. 

North Georgia Mountain Realty

Another North Georgia realty company with cheap land for sale. 

cheap land in georgia

Southern Land Exchange

Southern land exchange features home listings, and land primarily in Georgia. You can search by price and county. 

cheap land in georgia

These were the land resources that we could find in Georgia, but if you know more, please comment and tell me so we can add them to the list. 

cheap land in georgia

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