DIY Candles You Can Make At Home

Hey Folks, Recently, I made some more candles for my Winter Solstice/Holiday gifts. The hope to assemble some boxes for the people close to my in my life of handmade gifts. I wanted to share you my DIY Candles, and I hope you like it!  

Materials for DIY Candles

For the materials you will need:
  • 9 pound bag of Soy Wax
  • 8 Glass holders of your own choice ( got these from the dollar store)
  • 6 Wicks with clips
  • 1 Lavender fragrance & 25 drops of lavender essential oil
  • 1 Tacky Wax
  • 8 Woodsies Dowels
  • Top Grade Candle Making Pitcher
  • Candlemaking Thermometer

DIY Lavender Candles

Step 1: Melting the Wax

First, I melted the wax by placing the candle-making pitcher in a pot filled with water. I put all of the wax in the pitcher and waited until it melted. This took about 10 minutes. I then placed the thermometer in the wax to see if it had reached 150 degrees Fahrenheit/66 Celcius. This is the temperature where you may add your fragrance. It needs to be below 200 degrees F/93 C but not lower than 150 so that the fragrance can bond. If it’s too cold it won’t bond, and too hot will burn it all away.

Step 2: Add Fragrance

As mentioned you would add the fragrance at about 150 degrees/66 C, I then also added 25 drops of lavender essential oil that I had around the house. I took the pitcher off of the heat source and mixed in the leaves. From there I simply poured everything in the votives after using the tacky to glue down the wicks with clips and the woodsies dowels to hold the wick in place. It is important to note that once the wax has melted, pouring it into the votives can be a little tricky with the hot temperatures.
  • Clean the jar keep it at room temperature
  • Be aware and don’t rush it
  • Wait for the wax to cool a bit (to 120 degrees/48 C) before pouring
  • Pour the wax slowly into votives.
After you’ve poured the wax into the container, now it is time to let the candle cool. Check out this post for more how-to candle making tips.

Step 3: Wait Overnight to Dry/ Adding More Leaves

Next step for your DIY candles is to wait for them to dry. I added more leaves while they were drying because it seems some were sticking down at the bottom. I would also give the candles a stir just to get the wax to dry uniformly in the votive. You don’t want bubbles to form as your candles dry because this can cause holes in the completed candle. If you use a wick that is larger than the container, you’ll just need to cut it to a height of 1/2 inch    
diy candles

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