DIY At Home Manicure With Natural Ingredients

I had the pleasure of visiting Iwi Fresh Spa down in Atlanta. It was such a great experience. All of the ingredients were natural, except for the polish remover/ polish. After the experience, I wanted to share some of the natural remedies that they used during my manicure.

Lemon/Spinach Water Soak for Natural Manicure

To start the manicure, they used a fresh lemon and spinach soak with some ginger. I looked up the benefits, and lemons act as a natural bleaching agent that can remove stains while leaving nails shiny! That’s awesome, and you can basically find these at home or in your garden.

natural manicure

Aloe for cuticle softener

I grow aloe on my balcony. I started growing because it was easy, and there seemed to be an endless amount of health benefits. I was shocked to learn another benefit was to use as a natural cuticle softener. The less chemicals on my nails, the better. All you need to do is trim an aloe leaf, and open to the clear portion and rub directly on your cuticles. So easy!

Lemon and baking soda callous removal

When they moved on to the callous removal, I wondered what natural remedy they would use for that. They used lemon and baking soda. Mix 3 parts baking soda and one part lemon water to create a paste, and use as you would your normal callous removal. It worked quite nicely.


 Brown Sugar/ Flax Seed Scrub

The last natural remedy I had experienced while getting the natural manicure, was the brown sugar, and flax seed scrub. She mixed a small amount of flax seed and brown sugar with some water and used that to exfoliate my hands. It was amazing. This was was the finished result, and I am so happy that I learned how to do my own natural manicure.

natural manicure

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