The DIY Ikea Coffee Table Hack You Can Do Easily

Decorating on a budget has proven to be rather difficult for me. I have been stalking Pinterest for just the right look for each space in my apartment. I love the look of round coffee tables. The last coffee table I bought almost 5 years ago was over $400, but I did not have the money for that this time around. I decided I would make one on my own. There are plenty of Ikea hacks on Pinterest and came across one that was neat and easy. The finished product:

Ikea Hack

I started with this:

Ikea Hack

It was a rather easy job. I just needed to buy the original piece for $49.99 and then some gold spray paint. I bought three cans just in case.


  1. Take the pieces out and lay across some old news paper or cardboard (I did this on my balcony and used the box from the table).
  2. Spray the surfaces.  Hold the spray can about 12 inches away and move a a slow even pace for proper coverage.
  3. After waiting several hours to dry (I waited a day), flip the pieces over and repeat the painting process.
  4. Wait for the pieces to dry (one more day!)
  5. I tried to use sandpaper to even out some of the drips – although this can be a difficult task.
  6. Put the pieces together according to the Ikea instructions.
  7. Inspect for any missed spot and touch up.

Ikea Hack

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