Nebulizer Essential Oil Diffusers: The Non-Toxic Option To Freshen Your Space


You know how I am about toxic products that are on the market to help bring a nice scent to your home, so I was super excited to learn about nebulizer essential oil diffusers from Organic Aromas. Not only is the scent more potent, thereby using less essential oil over time, the scent lasts a long time. Since getting one, I love how fresh my place smells, especially since I am home a lot more these days.  

I started using diffusers as a replacement for the heavy chemical scents you buy from the stores. It would cause me to get very congested, and I am glad I switch, now, I feel I have found the perfect solution for my home that is non-toxic, and can stay in the air for hours!


nebulizer essential oil diffuser

How Does A Nebulizer Diffuser Work?

According to Aromatalk , the nebulizer diffusers work on the Bernoulli principle. This uses the theory of fluid dynamics to force an air current through a small tube where pressure differences create a sort of suction, causing the essential oils kept in a separate glass tube to rise upwards within the air.Below is a quick video explaining how nebulizers work.

Benefits of Nebulizer Diffusers

As I mentioned the main benefits for me is that I get to use less oil with my nebulizer diffuser, allowing me to save money, which of course, I am all about.  Other benefits include: 

  • No plastic is used (they are made of glass and wood). 
  •  Strong aroma with less oil used
  • No heat is used 
  • Scent spreads quickly

What's The Difference Between A Nebulizer Diffuser vs A Water Diffuser?

The main difference between a diffuser and a nebulizer a which processes essential oils into an almost gas-like state. Water diffusers on the other hand use evaporated water particles to transport the essential oil out into the air.

nebulizer essential oil diffuser

Steps To Set Up Your Diffuser

Setting up my new diffuser was surprisingly easy. Here were the steps to get everything together without breaking anything.

Step 1:

My box came with different labeled droppers for the essential oil and two for cleaning. I loved that they are labeled so you are not using oil and water for the same one. If you lose them and have steady hands, you are also able to just pour the oil into the device.

nebulizer essential oil diffuser

Step 2: Insert the Glass Reservoir

Next, you want to put everything together. This means inserting the narrow end of the glass reservoir into the rubber grommet on the wooden base. Be gentle!

nebulizer essential oil diffuser

Step 3: Choose & Add Your Essential Oils

Add your preferred essential oil into the bottom of the reservoir. You can use 20-25 drops. There are bunch of scents out there for essential oils, definitely at your local new age store, or you can make them yourself if you have the time.

Close up of essential oil dropper 

Point of Caution:

Be sure not to overfill the oil level. If it covers the glass piece inside, it will not work. 

Step 5: Turn on and Use

To power, turn on the switch at the bottom of the wooden base. You will know when it’s on because smoke will fill the glass reservoir. I like to leave mine in the middle, as the high setting is too strong for me. 

Be sure to clean your glass diffuser reservoir once a week for about 2 hours a day. You can use rubbing alcohol. 

After a week of use, I can honestly say I love this diffuser. My water based one does not feel my place with the scent as strong as the Nebulizer. Please be sure to check out the full selection of diffusers from Organic Aromas to get your own. They are certain worth it for a non-toxic solution to keeping your home smelling fresh.

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