Intro Into Off The Grid Living: 3 Ways To Generate Your Own Electricity


Interviewing homesteaders and sitting in online forums, I have started to become a little more interested in off the grid living. Living off-grid, while rewarding for many, also means generating your own power. Wondering how one would go about doing that, I have been learning about the ways to generate your own electricity. The good thing is that even if you are not off grid, you can use these methods in disaster situations to help generate power if there isn’t any. 

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1. Solar Power

Everyone has seen solar panels on the roofs of houses around the country. Growing up, this was definitely rare and expensive. These days, you can buy solar panels online for far less money. Solar panels allow one to harness the power of the sun to generate electricity. The amount you receive depends on where you live. Of course a sunny area like California will get more sun than a place like Maine. I wonder is it possible to really get the most out of solar panels when you aren’t in a sunny place? Comment below if you want to chime in.

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2. Wind Electricty

Wind turbines are another option to generating your own electricity. There are quite a few out there, but make sure you figure out which size you would need for your house, taking into account your geographical location. Energy matters  has a great guide to wind energy you should check out, and if you have resources of your own, feel free to leave below. 

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3. Generators

Generators- There are tons out there, but there are some in depth guides from consumer reports.  that explain what features you should look for based on your needs.

These are just three different ideas of how to generate energy when you are living off grid; there are certainly more. Hopefully, these will help you get started to learning more about how to generate your own electricity.

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