Preppers List for 2022 — Your Survival Checklist

Life is full of unexpected happenings. You never know what can occur these days, so it is nice to be ready for absolutely everything. Having a sufficient toolkit to help you in emergencies is always reassuring and can save you in many situations. But how to remember all the items that might be needed and collect a truly helpful emergency pack?

Especially for these purposes, we have created a Preppers List for 2022, which contains everything that a person might find very useful in some extreme situations.

What a prepper should get ready to survive

Following this informational piece will help you create your own survival kit without any overwhelming thoughts and impulsive purchases.

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1. Food Supplies

The crucial thing that a human being cannot survive without is, of course, food. Preparing food for long-term storage can be challenging because not everything from our everyday diet can be stored for a long time. Therefore, you better choose products carefully and buy only those with an appropriate shelf life, are easily stored without any special conditions, and can be prepared without any special devices like a grill or oven. 

Food in cans can be a real savior as it can be stored for a long time, and there are plenty of different canned food types. Another great option is buying sublimated products. These can also be kept on shelves for many months, and even years, so once you put them in your survival storage, they are good for a while.

If there is such a possibility, start growing your own fruits and vegetables or at least learn how to grow them. Having access to groceries without having to go to the store can really work out in your favor when the supply of food is suspended for an uncertain period.

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2. Water Supplies

We all know that without water, people will not be able to live long. That is why you need a lot of water supplies prepared beforehand or some tools purchased for the purification of any water source you can find. 

To keep at home, buy some big bottles of water and store them somewhere near your food supplies. This way, you will have access to all your reserves at once and won’t have to pick up scattered items all over the house.

For the situations when you do not have access to your pre-made supplies, it is better to own one of the cleaning and purifying tools. There are some advanced ones that work really well and allow you to make liquids from any water source drinkable. There are also some smaller and easier portable ones to throw in your backpack and use everytime you need it.

3. Medical Supplies

In emergency situations, there are bigger chances of getting injured or sick. To be able to help others in need or even yourself, you have to prepare a good kit with medical supplies. Along with the first aid kits which are pretty obvious to have, you must not forget about other important items.

If you have any prescribed medication that is essential for your health, make sure to have plenty of it stored. There might be situations when accessing your doctor or a drug store is impossible, so your only hope is for the personal stock. 

Also, don’t forget the masks and the gloves. Although the pandemic is now not as bad as it was, it is still important to keep yourself safe. Moreover, these items might be useful in many situations when protection is needed

Personal Hygiene Items | Prepper List | Blackhomesteader

4. Personal Hygiene Items

Some other things that are nearly on the same level of importance as the medical supplies are personal hygiene items. Without following the proper hygiene rules, there are big chances of getting some infections or diseases. Even in our everyday life, healing them might be difficult, so you can only imagine what would happen during the worst times.

Have some sanitizing products both for your personal use and for disinfecting some surfaces. Especially when you are giving first aid, it is important to make sure everything is clean.

Storing supplies for feminine hygiene is also crucial. There should be enough of them to use for a long time. Neglecting those items can cause some serious health problems, so consider those seriously.

As obvious as it sounds, you need to store toilet paper. No explanation needed on how the paper can be used, just remember that you might not have a possibility to buy it once the emergency comes. It is better to buy it from time to time while you can and have a good supply of it once needed.

5. Light And Fire Tools

As your emergency sources of light, many things can be used. Store some powerful flashlights that can last for a long time and light up a big area. Also, keep a stock of candles, which can light up the room very easily.

Both as a light source and as your fire starter, a lighter can be very helpful to have. For some small fires, you can store some firewood and chips and light them even with a small portable lighter. For faster and bigger bonfires, get some fuels.

Also, it is better to have waterproof matches. They are especially useful when you have an emergency while being in nature or any other wet environment.

These are the essential items that everyone should have in their prepper kit. Of course, individuals can personalize it according to their needs. However, having these basic items in your storage can be life-important, and who knows when you might need them.

Mike Millerson

Mike Millerson

A former USA Army sergeant and a highly educated survivalist and prepper with a degree and interest in Engineering and Electronics, Mike Millerson applies his extensive expertise in survivalism, homesteading, backpacking, hiking and hunting, spreading his deep knowledge about handling emergencies and prepping for them reasonably and effectively.

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