The Kwanzaa Coloring Book: Now Featuring Games & Puzzles

“The Kwanzaa coloring book is the perfect tool to teach your kids all about the African American cultural holiday.”


It’s KB here, reviewing this Kwanzaa Coloring Book. To buy visit kwanzaacoloringbook.com. This book was written by Steven Thedford, an educator based out of Georgia. His inspiration for this book came from his students, after realizing many of them knew nothing about their African roots. His book teaches kids about this cultural holiday, each day, through a variety of methods including coloring pages, games and puzzles. 

He explains why he created this coloring book stating: “…they will not only be coloring, but learning about African principles. Furthermore, any child can pick up the coloring book and grasp the principles of Kwanzaa by coloring the pages. As children color in the book, they will learn about unity, self-determination, collective work and responsibility, cooperative economics, purpose, creativity, and faith. As a result, children will be taught principles that they can use throughout their lives.”

What is Kwanzaa?

Invented in 1966, by Dr. Mulana Karenga a professor at my alma mater (Long Beach State), Kwanzaa seeks to create a connection to our African roots through maintaining cultural practices from the African continent. 

It features 7 core principles:

Umoja/ Unity

Kujichagulia/ Self-determination

Ujima/ Collective Work & Responsibilty

Ujama/ Co-operative Economics

Nia- Purpose

Kuumba / Creativity

Imani/ Faith

Each day, one lights the Kinara or candle holder) and discuss/celebrate those days along with handmade gifts. There are 7 candles: 1 black, 3 red, 3 green (Pan African Flag colors). My family celebrated as a child, and I learned a lot more in college. 

About 2 million people every year celebrate Kwanzaa in the US.


Where To Buy The Kwanzaa Coloring Book

Check your local Black book store to find a copy, or go straight to the source at thekwanzaacoloringbook.com. This is a great low-cost gift for anyone you know with kids. I plan to give a few to my sibling’s children.

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