12 Fantastic Garden Design Ideas to Make the Best of Your Outdoor Space for Kids

When you love your kids, you know that having something for them to do is essential. If you fail to provide these youngsters’ activities, the famous “I’m bored” will be heard before you know it. Summer is here, so to help keep their minds active, I came up with unique and exciting DIY backyard ideas for kids. By adding some Playground Equipment you can make your back yard best play space for your kids.

Having a cool home when in your childhood is always exciting for every kid, and with your little help, your kids can have that experience of the best playground in their home. By doing this, you can show your kids the some how much you love them.

1. Hopping Stump Jump From Fallen Trees

Ready for an invigorating and fun game for your children? Full of energetic bursts and balance, a stump jump type game is a great opportunity to use those fallen tree logs from the last time a storm came through. Simply cut the stumps to the same (or different) heights and let the kids have it! Paint them different or fun colors for added complexity for your children. Placing the logs in a row or different designs (think circles or perhaps in the shape of a tree), can help add to the creativity that the stumps can spark.

2. Sectional Sandbox with Built-In Storage

Keeping tidy around a sandbox is always difficult as sand gets everywhere! However, keeping all the sandbox toys with the sandbox makes that a little easier. DIY with an old bookshelf or something similar into a fun, multicolored sandbox with storage separated by a shelf that has been secured in place. This is a great way to make a smaller and easily contained sandbox for your kids to play in and always know where their sandbox toys are.

3. Multi-Surfaced Walkway to A Corner Kids Area

Outdoor space for your kids

Making the kid’s area fun isn’t just about the area itself (though it has a lot to do with it!). You can make a fun walkway leading up to their corner area by creating a multi-surfaced walkway such as alternating between natural and stone materials. Lead the walkway up to cozy kids play area in with a chalkboard hanging on a shed and a bookcase for toy storage and you’ve got a unique kids corner in your yard!

4. Outdoor Kitchen Set for Kids

Always finding your children at your feet in the kitchen? Bring the kitchen outdoors as spring arrives by reusing (and having an excuse for new) pots and pans. Let them create the best mud stew ever to be created all while enjoying the beautiful outdoors and sun.

This is a great opportunity to let them explore mixing solids and liquids and making the best “foods” around. Letting your kids explore the outdoor environment and non-household items is a great way to let their imagination sore. Pinecone pie? Don’t mind if I do!

5. Posh Picnic and Camping Set

Bringing ordinary things like lunch, dinner, or desert outdoors can be a great way to bring a spark of fun into your daily routine. Picnics and exploring can be done easily with a small picnic table. Bring your lantern as the sun sets to help you find jumpy frogs or catching your first lightning bug of the season.

6. Painted Rocks As Toy Surrogates

Do you like to keep your kid’s inside toys inside? Let the creativity flow by painting rocks that roughly look like something they love to play with inside. This is a great activity to do with your kids too, having them collect shapes that remind them of cars or stop signs and saving to paint them on a rainy day. Lay down flatter rocks that you’ve painted black for roads and before you know it, you’ve created a set of outside toys that your kids will be sure to love.

7. Outdoor Hanging Chalkboard Message Center

Everyone loves receiving a personalized message. Your child’s face will light up when you leave a personalized message on their outdoor chalkboard message center. Chalkboard paints a piece of wood and fixes it to an open area outside alongside a bucket of chalk and you’ve created an easy way to send messages back and forth. This is also a great alternative if you are running short of sidewalk space for sidewalk chalk. Plus, the rain will give you a helping hand in cleaning it off once in a while making this a simple and enjoyable project.

8. Painted Channeling As a Raceway

Do you have a couple of extra pieces of channeling laying around from your last project? Simply paint on a roadway (use some tape and acrylic paint) and you’ve got a race track for your little one’s cars. Prop up two “race tracks” side by side and let the racing begin! This is a quick and fun alternative to your kids racing their toys at what seems like terminal velocity around your house to the outside.

9. Natural Sandbox Perimeter with Stones and Rocks

Creating a natural flow in your yard is very important, and it’s great when you can incorporate your children’s playful areas into that. The children will enjoy it as well as this gives them something more to play on, around, and through. Layering sand through the rocky “ravine” creates an instant and great looking sandbox.

10. Kids Cars Backyard Race Track

Create a fun and inspiring race track in your backyard with a little orange paint. Spruce it up with a Cars theme if you’ve got the supplies – but you don’t have to as they’ll have tons of fun just driving around. Whether you’ve got an actual toy car for them to drive around in, or a cardboard box painted like Lightning McQueen, this is a simple and fun way to create an imaginative race track through your backyard.

11. Tire Ramp for Your Jungle Gym

Want to add an adventurous way for your kids to get up their jungle gym? Don’t settle for a simple ladder. Make this DIY tire ramp to challenge your kid’s ability to balance and work their way into their jungle gym by adding some Fitness Equipment. This is an easy and excellent way to make the jungle gym that much more exciting. As a bonus, have them help you paint the tires before mounting them to the ramp to add a personal touch and make them part of the experience.

12. A Miniature Street for Racecar Fun

Somehow your kids’ favorite toys become even more exciting when you make an outdoor version of them. Zoom in to summer by creating your very own racetrack right in your backyard! Ask for your little one’s input when designing the track and have fun customizing it with different vehicles, buildings, road signs, dolls, and animals.

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