50 Things You Can Compost

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On my zero waste journey, I recognized that there is so much trash that I can reuse to compost. Composting can not only help fertilize your garden, you can contribute less waste to your environment. According to Small Print Family, “Composting can remove 20-50% from your household waste stream.” Since composting is so helpful, I wanted to compile a list of things you can compost.

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What You Can  Compost In the Kitchen

  1. Coffee grounds
  2. Shredded paper bags
  3. used napkins and paper towels
  4. cooked pasta
  5. tortilla or potato chips
  6. spoiled pasta sauce/ tomato paste
  7. Paper towel rolls shredded
  8. Stale beer and wine
  9. Toothpicks
  10. Paper cupcake or muffin cups

What You Can Compost from the Bathroom

11. Used facial tissues

12. 100% cotton balls

13. 100% latex condoms

14. 100% cotton tampons

15. Urine

16. Cardboard tampon applicators

17. Nail clippings

18. Toilet paper rolls (shredded)

19. Nail clippings

20. Old natural loofahs

What to compost from the laundry room

21. Dryer lint ( 100% natural fabrics only)

22. Old cotton clothing and jeans (ripped into small pieces)

23. Cotton fabric scraps

24. Old wool clothing

25. Old cotton towels and sheets

things you can compost

What You Can Compost Around The Office

26. Bills and other plain paper documents

27. Envelopes minus plastic window

28. Pencil shavings

29. Sticky notes shredded

30. Old business cards ( non glossy cards)

31. Subscription cards from magazines (shred)

32. Junk mail ( remove plastic)

33. Newspapers

What to compost from around the house

34. Natural potpourri

35. Used matches

36. Newspapers

37. Grass clippings

38. Dead autumn leaves

Pet Related Items You Can Compost

39. Fur from the cat or dog brush

40. Dry cat or dog food

41. Horse cow, or goat manure

42. Feathers

43. Droppings from rabbits, gerbils, hamsters

Party Supplies You Can Compost

44. Wrapping paper rolls

45. Latex balloons

46. Pumpkins ( smashed)

47. Natural holiday wreaths

48. Christmas trees

49. Crepe paper streamers

50. Paper tablecloths

Below are some compost bins, and I own the little grey one, but I also made another one from a 5-gallon bucket Use this video if you would like to do the same:

vegetable garden planner
things you can compost

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