A Quick Guide To Small Space Gardening


Not everyone has access to acres of land to grow their own food. I started with a patio myself, and just this season I have been able to access more space. If you still want to grow more food, and you are short on space, you are going to have to get creative. 

This quick guide will hopefully inspire you to grow some food and herbs in small spaces. You can use your window sill, patio, hang plants inside, whatever you can do that will yield some vegetables. 

Small Space Gardening Ideas

First, learn what you can grow and what works in your zone. Check out this post to find your grow zone and veggies that will work in your area of the planet..

Read More: USDA Grow Zone Map

Second, you should find veggies/herbs that do well in containers. For me, it is trial and error, but some plants need space, and growing in containers will not do well. Check out this post from Urban Survival Guide to find which fruits and veggies work well in containers. 

Lastly, learn how to pack your containers if you are using those. These steps from the Spruce will help you set up your container garden for success.

Now that you have your steps, here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

High Waist Planter Box

I used this when I started out. My patio was enclosed, so I had to raise the plants up to get to the sun. Instructables has a step by step instructions on how to make your own. 

small space gardening

Pallet Garden

You can grab a pallet from the back of grocery stores, or any place that is giving them away. You can use this tutorial form Garden therapy to put your own together.

small space gardening

Go For Smaller Plants

I use smaller containers for my windows in the kitchen. Nothing like being able to grab herbs and cook with them, after you wash them of course.

small space gardening

Container Gardening

As mentioned, I use containers for smaller spaces. You can literally use so many types. My go to is a 5 gallon bucket you can get cheap at home depot.

small space gardening

Gardening Towers

There are also systems out there that make it easy. Try getting a garden tower and simply fill with your soil mix and plant. I love these designs

I hope these designs help you get your garden together. So if you are short on space, you can still grow fruits and veggies with these ideas. 

small space gardening

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