How To Use Coffee Grounds In Your Garden


Your plants need nutrients. And every year, some of those nutrients in the soil are used up, and some wash away due to erosion. It’s just the cycle of life.

But what does that cycle have to do with coffee, or coffee grounds more specifically? Well, a lot as it turns out. Because before you toss those coffee grounds into the trash, you should think of a better, more productive way to use them, and that’s in the garden.


Why You Should Use Coffee Grounds In Your Garden?

coffee grounds in your garden

Coffee grounds, when mixed in with the soil around plants, do a number of beneficial things. For starters, they add vital elements to the growing mix in the form of potassium, magnesium, and copper. They also release nitrogen, also needed by flowers, vegetables, and fruit, among others.

The best way to use your grounds is to simply add them to your compost pile. What other tips should you use? This graphic reviews them.

coffee grounds in your garden

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