The 10 Best Herbs To Grow Indoors

Peace Fam!
I hope this post finds you well. If you do not know, I grow a lot of herbs. I have been growing herbs for some time indoors and outdoors. I think I have finally got the hang of growing things, although it can sometimes still be a struggle.
I have been taking classes, and finally after about two years, I have found the best herbs that you can grow indoors and wanted to share with you so you can learn to grow your own!

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10 Best Herbs 10 Grow Indoors

1. Sage-  I normally just buy sage that is already growing. This is called a transplant. It can tolerate indoors, but it definitely needs lots of sun.

2. Chives- I have grown chives from seeds and chives from a transplant. Currently, I have a transplant that continuously grows. Chives are super easy, and those are normally my most successful plants.

3. Basil- Basil was a tough one, because for me it kept going to wood, but you can a basil plant from your local grocery store, and place in a large pot and make sure to trim as often as you can, otherwise, it can flower so easily.

4. Cilantro- I have grown cilantro indoors mostly because if I leave it outside in the hot Georgia sun, it will flower very quickly. My best advice is to buy a transplant if you can find one (early spring) or grow from seed.

5. Oregano- I grow this indoors and out. I took a bit of a cutting and started from there.

6. Parsley – I have two parsley plants, and they are some of my oldest plants. I leave it on my kitchen window sill and it has lasted for almost two years.


7. Rosemary- Again, I used a transplant to grow my rosemary. So far so good as far as it growing, I keep in a window that gets a lot of sun.

herbs to grow indoors

8. Thyme- I also buy thyme plants to transplant, and they used to die very quickly, but now they are thriving. I try to have the plants  in a western facing window.

9. Bay- I sit this plant by itself, because I read that it cannot be too crowded.


10. Tarragon- I grew this from seed, and I move around from cooler areas of the house, and set in the sun every few days.

herbs to grow indoors
herbs to grow indoors

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