Growing Kale: Learn To Grow Kale From Seed To Harvest

“Learn the basics of growing Kale. From seed to  harvest we give you tips on how to grow kale in your backyard or in containers”


Kale has become popular in recent years as a great alternative to greens. You can eat kale in salads or sauté and have for breakfast or dinner. I even put it in my smoothies. We have been growing kale for the passed few winters. It’s great to grow in Fall and Spring. 

Kale is also great for you, as it’s full of vitamins A and C!


When & How To Plant Kale

Kale can be planted in early spring and fall (late summer). After you get your seeds to sprout, give the plant space if you are growing in a regular garden. Each plants needs about 8 or more inches to really grow. 

If you are short on space, you can grow kale in containers. Make sure you have about 6 inches of space per plant, and create a soil mixture. I usually do it with this mix

– mulch on bottom on pot

– mix compost/ fertilizer

-use sand/ soil (actual dirt not potting soil)

– mix in lime and more fertilizer with your potting soil

– add mulch on top

Kale seeds will sprout between 40-70 degrees. If you are direct sowing the seeds outside it’s best to plant them 2-4 weeks before the last frost or 10 weeks before the first frost. You can use my fall garden planner to keep track. 

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You can plant your kale next to other plants like beets, celery, onions, and potatoes. Avoid planting your kale near beans, strawberries or tomatoes.

How To Care For Kale Plants

Make sure to water your plants regularly. Check the soil to see how often that needs to be. 

If you use a lot of mulch ( wood chips ) the plants can usually withstand winter weather. I sometimes cover mine in the deep cold. 

Be wary of aphids, flea battles, and cabbageworms. 

How To Harvest and Store Kale

You can harvest kale when the leaves are the size of your hand.  Avoid picking buds located at the top of the plants to encourage growth.  You can store in your fridge for a week, and use how you wish.

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