What Are Planting Zones?

Knowing your gardening zone can be a great help to your gardening efforts. Using this USDA Hardiness Zone Map, those in the agricultural industry and those who just want to plant a garden can find which plants work best in the place they live. 

The zones range from 1A to 13B. Use the map to plan your garden for the seasons to come.  The latest version is from 2012, so use this map as a basic guide, not as canon. 

Why Planting Zones Matter To You

My first time around gardening, I had no idea about zones, and wasted a lot of money on plants and soil. Knowing your zone can help you efficiently allocate your resources to grow as much food as you can. Most seed packages have the zone where they thrive. With a planting guide, you can use this map and get growing!

How to Use the USDA Hardiness Zone Map

It’s best first to discuss how the map was created. The USDA Hardiness Zone Map was compiled from news stations around the United States that report the needed to them. Using this data, average temperatures per zone were created. 

The coldest zone is 1A  with a minimum of -60 degrees Fahrenheit. 13B has a minimum temperature of 70 degrees as the warmest zone.  With the data and zones set, plants are then tested to see which ones can thrive in each zone. Using this interactive map, you can find which zone you are in. 

  1. Enter your zip code 
  2.  Select the “Use My Location” button. The map will go to your location.
  3. You can use your mouse to zoom in and find your exact location.

How Can You Work Around Your Planting Zone?

Some plants take a long time to harvest, or some times you may have a small time for growing. Here are some ways to get around your zone issues. 

  1. Alternative Gardening Methods- You can use greenhouses, and hydroponic methods to protect plants and control their environment.
  2. Grow plants with shorter product periods- For plants that take a long time to get to harvest, replace with plants that have a shorter grow period for your zone. 
planting zones

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