How to make rose water


If you are like me you like to reuse things where you can. I am alway scouring the internet to find ways to recycle things I am given. Recently, I was given roses, and could not wait to do something with them. This is where I found some ideas on how to make to make rose water. There are two methods, but I will only share the simmering method.

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rose water benefits

Benefits of Rose Water

The many benefits of rose water include: 

  • Heals scars, and burns
  • Soothes stomach digestion
  • Helps with issues like eczema, and other forms of skin irritation.
  • Helps with sore throat
  • Help treat and prevent infections
distilling rose water

Natural Hair Uses

I have locs, so I wondered if you could you rose water on your locs, and I found that yes you can. According to naturally curly, rose water balances your hair’s Ph, and can be useful as an anti dandruff solution. It can be added to:

  •   shampoo
  • leave in rinse after shampoo
  • added to hot oil treatments
How to make rose water

Hopefully, you can recreate this recipe at home as a  great way to recycle your flowers. This recipe can last for about a week in the fridge, you can add glycerin to make it last longer. 

How to make rose water