My spring/summer garden is in full bloom, and I started to get larger harvests. Since I am growing jalapenos for some reason ( I don’t really like spicy food), I have had an abundance of these peppers and others in my refrigerator. I thought the best thing to do is to try to preserve them to eat for later. Canning was an option, but I also wanted something quick. 

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While this method is quick ( about 10 minutes to prepare) these peppers can last in your fridge for up to two months. These are also made without sugar and made with vinegar that acts as a natural preservative.

how to pickle peppers

Methods To Preserve Foods

There are many other ways to preserve harvests to save for later that do not include pickling. A quick review of them include: 

  • Fermenting in alcohol
  • Freezing
  • Boiling/Heat
  • Remove Moisture
  • Air drying
how to pickle peppers

Fresh Is Still The Best

Fresh vegetables and fruits are of course better for us than preserved foods. While, I do not consume any meat or diary, I do still largely cook my food. However, while this is a post about preserving food for later, you should try to incorporate raw veggies and fruits into your diet. Check our the Raw Food Meal Planner for easy recipes.

how to pickle peppers
how to pickle jalapenos