vegan chickpea masala

Vegan Chickpea Masala


Eating vegan can sometimes be hard if you don’t cook at home. Even when you cook often, like I do, it can be tough to switch things up with your recipes and try new things. I love eating Indian food, but it has been so complicated. I found this recipe it has quickly become one of my favorite vegan recipes.


vegan chickpea masala

Simple To Meal Prep

This recipe lasted for about a week, as I took it to work everyday. It got better with time, and all I needed was more rice. Not only is it dairy-free, It’s also a nut-free recipe, so if you are allergic to nuts, this is a healthy vegan option for you to try.  


vegan food

Fresh Ingredients

Full of fresh ingredients, you’ll need fresh ginger, cilantro, diced tomatoes, onion and garlic. This recipe also packs a ton of spice. Grab cheaper spices from your local Indian grocery store, if you can find one. You will need garam masala, along with tumeric and more. View the recipe to get started, and leave a comment if you tried it!

vegan chickpea masala